Book project update

By | January 27, 2011

Research for the book has progressed steadily over the past year. The process has involved spending considerable time at the Robe Library, exploring the local history collection; and reviewing books and papers which offer insights into the history of the area, and the people connected with it.

Interviews have also been carried out with a significant number of local residents and visitors, including a group of retired fishers brought together in November by Peter and Met Riseley. The greatest challenge is that there is so much material to explore, and so many potential stories to be told that it is proving to be unrealistic to cover them all in a single publication, and have the book finished in a reasonable timeframe.

Throughout the past 12 months author Liz Harfull has also taken thousands of photos capturing the life of the community and the town itself. In the last half of the year, this included getting up early on the first day of the rock lobster fishing season to watch the boats leaving the harbour; football, cricket and bowls competitions on home grounds; the Richmond Park ram sale; the Tartanic production at the Institute in November; the Lions Club go-kart event and the annual Christmas parade.

In recent weeks, the main priority for Liz has been to finish the first draft of up to six chapters of the book. These initial chapters and supporting images will be delivered to Wakefield Press in February so the publisher can develop some concept designs.

Liz will continue working on the project during 2011, in between her other writing commitments, while fundraising efforts ramp up to raise money to cover the cost of production and printing. A publication date will be decided once enough funds are in hand.